What to Do When You Have a Car Accident in Ashley County, AR

Getting into a car accident is a stressful and overwhelming experience that no one wants to live. With so much to think about and do – from notifying the necessary authorities, filling out reports, exchanging insurance information, and arranging for repairs or replacements of damaged vehicles – it can be difficult to know what to do next. 


What matters most is that you take the right steps and follow the appropriate procedures in Ashley County, AR. After all, you want the best outcome out of this situation. Luckily, Hashem Law Firm can provide the legal assistance you need. We understand your concerns and have worked with many drivers in the area for decades, so you can count on our experience. Don’t hesitate to call us and explore solutions today!



The Legal Particularities of a Car Accident in Ashley County

Regarding car accidents, Ashley County has specific requirements that drivers must be aware of. The first step is understanding the state’s negligence rules and how they relate to your situation. If any party involved can be held liable for damages or injuries, then the driver responsible may be required to pay for those costs.

In Arkansas, drivers must also exchange personal information and insurance details with each other. The Ashley County Police Department must be notified if there are any injuries or substantial property damage as a result of the car accident (over $1,000). Finally, a written report should be filed with the Arkansas State Police within four days of the accident.

Find Accident Lawyers Who Will Stand By Your Side

Feeling overwhelmed during this process is normal, but Hashem Law Firm can guide you through it. We understand the laws in Ashley County related to car accidents and can provide the legal advice necessary for you to make informed decisions. This way, you can protect your rights and get the fair settlement you deserve.

Get The Legal Help You Deserve in Ashley County, AR

Experiencing a car accident is every driver’s worst fear. Besides, this situation can become even more stressful when you need to navigate through the legal steps and paperwork related to the accident. At Hashem Law Firm, we want you to know you’re not alone. Just follow these three steps and get the guidance you need:


  1. Contact our law firm.
  2. Tell us more about your case.
  3. Work with our accident lawyers to devise a solution.


When you decide to go through this legal process alone, you risk losing out on the fair settlement you deserve. Don’t take that chance and contact Hashem Law Firm. Our experienced car accident lawyers are here to stand by your side and provide the legal representation needed for this situation. Schedule a consultation with us today!