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Pre-existing injuries or preexisting conditions are a vital part of any personal injury claim. However, not everyone understands that their occurrence is crucial in determining the full extent of their injuries.

Suppose you have been hurt in a vehicle accident, for example. In that case, you are required to inform your lawyer of all of your injuries and medical issues. You must also describe the ones you had before the incident occurred. 

Here’s why your prior injuries are so crucial in your case if you’re injured as a result of carelessness and are suing for compensation.

What are Preexisting Conditions?

A preexisting condition is an injury or illness that you had before the accident. If you didn’t let your lawyer know about it when filing your claim, chances are you’re not allowed to file a lawsuit against the person who caused your injuries.

For instance, if you decide to sue for damages because of a car crash and discover after the fact that you did not disclose that you had a back problem before the incident, your case is likely to be dismissed.

How Preexisting Conditions Relate to Accidents

There are a few reasons why preexisting conditions may impact your injury claim. 

  • Negligence cases can aggravate your preexisting conditions: For example, suppose you were involved in an accident that resulted in symptoms worsening. In that case, it may be harder to prove that the defendant was not at fault. It’s therefore very important that you disclose all symptoms and medical conditions before suing to ensure your case has the greatest chance of success.
  • Compensation: If your symptoms are severe enough, it’s to be expected that you receive compensation for damages. However, your lawyer may need to file a lawsuit against the defendant to win your case. When this is the case, the extent of your injuries will determine whether or not it’s advisable to do so.
  • Cost of Treatment: To create a recovery plan, it is necessary to determine exactly how much your treatment will cost. Your lawyer can estimate this based on past cases, but having accurate information before anything else is better for everyone involved.

Watch Out For This In Your Case…

Suppose your preexisting condition does not affect how the defendant caused your injuries. In that case, it probably will not make any difference in your lawsuit. However, you should know that you could not sue for damages if the defendant’s behavior was not directly causing your preexisting injury or illness.

A defendant cannot be held responsible for a pre-existing issue unless they acted unpredictably and caused their acts to lead to injuries from which you were already suffering. For example, if the defendant rear-ended you and caused injury to your neck or back, which was already weakened because of an old football injury, you can sue. 

It’s important to note that this defense will not be successful in cases where the preexisting condition is irrelevant to the accident. For instance, if you are hospitalized for a broken leg and find out that you have a back condition. 

The same applies if you didn’t know about a preexisting injury at the time of the accident. In other words, ignorance is not an excuse in this case. 

When Should I Report Prior Injuries?

To ensure that your case is as solid as possible, you should tell your lawyer about all medical conditions and injuries when filing a claim. 

If you don’t mention a preexisting injury the first time around, it’s best to contact them immediately so they can examine your case and take measures to protect your interests as you go through the litigation process.

Unsure with your case? Overwhelmed? Call a personal injury lawyer immediately for guidance and support. 

Hashem Law Firm can help make sure that you present your case in the best light possible



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What To Do After A Divorce Is Final Tue, 28 Sep 2021 15:25:32 +0000 The post What To Do After A Divorce Is Final appeared first on The Hashem Law Firm.


A divorce can be a long and very trying process. The things you must deal with, such as moving forward and making decisions about your future, can seem impossible to take care of right after the divorce is final. The good news is that there are plenty of options for you to consider so that you can address these issues following a divorce…

Work On Your Support Group: 

You’ll want to take some time after a divorce is final to focus on the people you have in your life who offer support and unconditional love. A new marriage may be in your future. However, there’s no rush on that decision, so feel free to enjoy this time of exploration without making any commitments.

Explore New Hobbies: 

It is common for your attention to be focused on the drama that accompanies divorce and neglect your pursuits and interests. It is best for you to take some time after a divorce to reconnect with these activities. Many people discover that they enjoy spending more time on their hobbies than ever before when they’re able to focus on them without any stress related to a divorce hanging over their heads.

 Let the Pain Heal: 

There’s no denying that a divorce can be one of the most painful experiences in your life. For this reason, even though you may want to jump into another relationship right away after a divorce is final, it’s best to take some time for yourself and let this pain subside before pursuing something new with someone else. Let yourself heal naturally rather than forcing a relationship onto yourself for the sake of having someone else in your life.

 Find Perspective: 

Often, all you can think about after a divorce is final is how terrible everything feels. Always remember you aren’t the first person who has gone through a complicated divorce, and you won’t be the last. The truth is that no matter how negative everything may seem at this point, your situation will improve over time. After a divorce is final, try to take some time to get outside and see something new and beautiful that you’ve never noticed before. It will provide perspective and remind you that there is more to the world to enjoy.

 Start a Journal: 

When everything feels like it’s crashing down around you, it can be helpful to write about this loss. You don’t need to go into detail about the divorce itself – focus on how you’re feeling and what you think about the next steps. Writing is a cathartic process, and keeping your thoughts and feelings confined to a journal can help relieve stress and provide some insight into your behavior following a divorce.

 Handle Unfinished Business: 

One of the most important things to do after a divorce is final is to finally address the things that have been left unfinished. For example, you may have credit card debt from a shared account with your ex-spouse that you need to handle. There’s no sense in letting this go unresolved. Get out a fresh sheet of paper and write down all of the embarrassing or difficult unfinished business with your spouse, then work on how to handle each item.

 Be Confident: 

Many people getting divorced after a long marriage feel like their sense of identity has been stripped away. It’s important to remember that while this may be the case, you can get it back over time with some hard work and determination on your part. Don’t allow yourself to wallow. Instead, put some effort into building your self-esteem to be confident in your new life and know that you can be successful.

 Enjoy Your New Life: 

Finally, one of the best things you can do after a divorce is final is to enjoy all that the world has to offer. You are now free to do whatever you want, so enjoy yourself! Go out with friends, take up a new hobby or sport, travel the world – whatever it is that makes you happy, do it. Life is too short not to live it how you want, so don’t just sit around moping after a divorce and instead start making the most of your new life.

Hire Professional Lawyers

Unfortunately, a divorce is something many people have to go through at some point in their lives. It’s not easy by any means, but it doesn’t have to be the end of the world either. The best way to handle a divorce once it has been finalized is to take some time to yourself and try to relax. The world isn’t going to end – you’ve lived through the worst of it, so now it’s time to take a step back and enjoy your new life.

If you are going through a separation and are looking for a divorce attorney, contact Hashem Law Firm in Monticello. We are here to help you. 


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How To Successfully Navigate A Divorce Tue, 28 Sep 2021 15:20:15 +0000 The post How To Successfully Navigate A Divorce appeared first on The Hashem Law Firm.

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Divorce is a complicated and hard experience for any couple going through it. If you are going through a divorce, consider these tips to make the process as smooth as possible. 

Act Accordingly

First of all, separate your emotions from the situation. While this may seem impossible, it is necessary to put forth one’s best legal strategy. Emotions often cloud our judgment and cause us to act irrationally, which is why it is important to stay clear-headed when making decisions about your divorce.

One of the most effective ways to do this is by keeping your emotions at bay during court proceedings. The best way to accomplish this goal is to have a strong support system. 

Open the Line of Communication

Another thing that you should consider doing is to speak with your spouse to open the lines of communication between the two of you. When people are going through a divorce, they tend to shut off all forms of communication. However, this often results in more problems between the couple and affects how a judge decides their case.

So, whether you prefer to work together to avoid going to court or if you would rather end things amicably, it is important that you communicate with your partner. 

Take Responsibility 

While many couples are quick to blame each other when going through a divorce, this is not always entirely accurate. While there may be legitimate reasons why the couple cannot stay together anymore, it does not mean that one party was 100% at fault. Instead, both parties should take responsibility for their part in the relationship’s decline.

Having a sense of accountability can help people reduce animosity between them and realize they were both at fault to some degree. It also helps them move on with their lives easier, not holding onto resentment towards their spouse for breaking their heart.

Hire Professional Lawyers 

Also, another factor that a person should do to successfully navigate a divorce is to work with an experienced divorce attorney. A lawyer can efficiently help you get through this trying time in your life and assist you with the legal proceedings.

To learn more about how you can successfully navigate a divorce, contact Hashem Law Firm today. We are here to provide our clients with excellent service that is sure to meet your needs.

From the entire team at Hashem Law Firm in Monticello, we wish you well. 



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4 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer Mon, 30 Aug 2021 17:52:35 +0000 The post 4 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer appeared first on The Hashem Law Firm.

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You suffered a personal injury due to someone else’s negligence. You’re angry. You’re about to sue the life out of that person. But let’s hold on for a second. You’ll need professional lawyers for that. So, how do you choose the best? 

In this article, we’ll show you the four questions you must ask any professional personal injury lawyer before making a decision.

What Are Their Peer Reviews?

You can’t go wrong with professional lawyers who have a good reputation from their clients and their colleagues, competitors, and judges. A trustful personal injury lawyer is also known for their percentage of referred cases from other lawyers. 

When Are They Going To Charge? Review Their Policy

Most personal injury lawyers offer the same thing: “we don’t charge unless we win,” “free consultations.” But you need to read between the lines. There’re expenses to pay to keep the case going that every law firm manages differently. 

For example: 

  • Some law firms will ask you to pay for those expenses at the start of the case. 
  • Other professional lawyers will pay for these expenses at first but will eventually ask for the reimbursement after they win. 

What Happens If You Lose?

This is the part that should interest you most. What happens with the expenses we previously mentioned if you lose? Some personal injury lawyers expect reimbursement for the costs of the case. Others won’t. Regardless of the firm’s policy, never accept an “I’ve never lost a case” response unless that’s Harvey Specter, of course. 

Are They Afraid To Take Your Case To Court?

Believe it or not, insurance companies should settle rather than go to court. That’s why they look up the attorney who’s representing the other party (you). If they see a personal injury attorney who likes to settle rather than go to court, you’ll need to be prepared to accept less than what you deserve. 

You’d believe that just because you see “trial lawyers,” it means those “professional attorneys” have courtroom experience. That’s not necessarily true. The truth is that most attorneys have little or no trial experience. So, when you contact a lawyer, ask them about their trial experience and how often they go to court. 

Hashem Law Firm In Monticello Is The Firm That Fits The Criteria!

Hashem Law Firm has a team of professional attorneys respected not only by colleagues but also by judges. Each personal injury lawyer has trial experience. We’re ready to take on anyone who’s in the way of obtaining the justice you deserve. 

But most importantly, we put your interests first. If you contact us, we’ll come with possible solutions even if you don’t retain us. But trust us, you’re better with the AV Preeminent law firm. The most ethical and trusted law firm in Monticello. Contact us to start working on your case.  


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This Is What You Must Know About Personal Injury Lawyers Mon, 02 Aug 2021 19:14:14 +0000 The post This Is What You Must Know About Personal Injury Lawyers appeared first on The Hashem Law Firm.

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While we all are involved in different situations in life, some will require us to get professional assistance to make sure they are handled accordingly. Such situations are slip and fall, car and workplace accidents for the most part. 

A personal injury lawyer, also known as PI Lawyer for short, is an individual with, in many cases, extensive experience helping clients involved in these situations. A personal injury lawyer will represent you in court in a legal case in which you are required to go through trial. 

Then understanding the role and responsibilities of a personal injury lawyer is key to how much you can benefit in case you are involved in any of these situations. We will share some of the ways you can get assisted by these professionals. 

Different Ways In Which A Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You

While depending on the circumstances under which you may require legal assistance, how a legal representative can help you may vary. Still, we will share in a general way how you can be assisted and what personal injury lawyers can help you with. 

Above All & Regardless Of The Situation, You Get Legal Help 

A PI lawyer will act on your behalf to defend your case in a legal environment. They will help you settle the case and find the most appropriat9e and convenient ways to get you fairly compensated for the outcome of the accident. 

A PI Lawyer Offers Protection

You get your legal rights protected and, if necessary, your medical care provided, allowing you to focus on getting back on track while the legal aspect is taken care of. 

Get Thorough Explanation Of The Process

A personal injury lawyer will give you a detailed explanation of the process and guide you every step of the way, helping you better understand legal processes and terms and how they will proceed to help you. 

Further Look Into Your Specific Case

Personal injury lawyers will use their knowledge and experience from similar cases like yours to better identify opportunities for you and help you get the fair compensation you deserve. 

Negotiate A Reasonable Settlement

There is no one better than a personal injury lawyer to have your case handled. And when it comes to negotiating your compensation, there is no doubt that they will do their best to win your case. 

Need Urgent Legal Advice? Here’s Your Solution

Hashem Law Firm offers assistance in personal injury cases like yours and can successfully take your case to court. We are a team of professional lawyers in the Monticello area. Your case is guaranteed by long years of experience and recognition from reputable law firms and lawyers in the field. 







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Got Involved In A Car Accident & Need Immediate Assistance? Mon, 02 Aug 2021 19:10:15 +0000 The post Got Involved In A Car Accident & Need Immediate Assistance? appeared first on The Hashem Law Firm.

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Hashem Law Firm is here to help you address all the questions you may have regarding your case. We are a team of professional lawyers with extensive years of experience assisting people with personal injury cases.

Hani W. Hashem is a highly experienced and qualified attorney with proven success in providing personal injury litigation services in the Monticello area for over 30 years. Your case could not be better-taken care of when you can rely on a reputable and recognized attorney that will be by your side assisting you. 

Hani W. Hashem’s success has allowed him to be appointed by the governor of Arkansas as Special Justice of the Arkansas Supreme Court and serve on the Supreme Court Committee on Civil Practice. You no longer need to concern yourself when you have an attorney with what it takes to act on your behalf as a personal injury litigator. 

Here’s What A Personal Injury Litigation Lawyer Can Do For You

Being involved in a car accident can cause you to suffer mentally and physically. Getting the assistance, you deserve to make sure that your case does not go unresolved is what we will do for you. Depending on your circumstances, some of the ways you can get compensated are: 

  • Past, Current, And Future Medical Bills
  • Inability To Go Back To Work
  • The Loss Of Current Wages 
  • Loss Of Earning Capacity 
  • Emotional Distress

At Hashem Law Firm, we will stand for you and not leave you alone dealing with a situation that can only increase your stress. We know what it is like for our clients to have to face a trial on their own. Therefore, we will guide you every step of the way. 

A Team That Can Act On Your Behalf 

Our professional lawyers have earned trust and integrity over the years. And other lawyers and juries have rated us as AV Preeminent for our ability to successfully help our clients. Do not let too much time pass by without having your case properly settled. Get hold of us now, and let us hear from you so we can get your case started.





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My Car Was Hit While It Was Parked – What Should I Do? Mon, 02 Aug 2021 17:01:45 +0000 The post My Car Was Hit While It Was Parked – What Should I Do? appeared first on The Hashem Law Firm.

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 Coming back from shopping, running errands, seeing your doctor, or coming from elsewhere and finding that your car has been hit can be very annoying, especially when you are a careful driver and have a tight schedule and many other things to do. 

Minor car accidents in most public places are due to distracted drivers talking on the phone, being in a hurry, finding a spot to park, or simply being careless. And when you least expect it, you end up being hit by another car.

What is important that you keep in mind is that no matter how slight the fender bender is, you need to think of it as an actual car accident as long as you are willing to get fairly compensated for the damage done to your car. We will share some tips you can follow and advise on whether you qualify for a claim or not.


Here’s What You Need To Do After Your Parked Car Was Hit

Commonly, accidents in public places are associated with drivers driving off after they found they hit someone else’s car. Some do not even realize the damage they have done when it is slight and subtle. Therefore, knowing what to do can help you successfully deal with this. 

  • Keep everything intact, and that implies not moving your car or touching anything in the scene.
  • Find who is held responsible for the damage and exchange contact information.
  • Photograph the scene, including key areas like the damage.
  • Document the accident, tracking the time

If Your Car Was Hit And The Driver Drove Off, Consider The Following


  • First of all, you need to change the way you look at the accident as it is no longer an accident but a crime. The moment the driver ran away makes it a crime.
  • Take photos of the damage and the surroundings. 
  • Notify your local police to file a report.
  • Call your insurance company and inquire about how they can cover hit-and-run accidents.

In some instances, you will find yourself needing assistance beyond this advice. In such cases, the best thing to do is to let professional lawyers handle the situation so you can get the assistance you need promptly and efficiently.


Need A Highly Experienced Team That Can Effectively Handle Your Case?

Hashem Law Firm has a team of car accident lawyers with years of experience handling cases for people just like you. We provide legal services in the Monticello area, and you may qualify for a claim. Get hold of one of our legal advisors to discuss further how we will assist you. 




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Coping With A Medical Malpractice Case? Here’s Everything You Must Know Mon, 02 Aug 2021 16:50:39 +0000 The post Coping With A Medical Malpractice Case? Here’s Everything You Must Know appeared first on The Hashem Law Firm.

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Prove The Negligence

We will share with you some insight into how settlement negotiation works in a medical malpractice case. So before you get a legal representative that can assist you with your case, you must prove that the physician or doctor in charge was negligent. 

Proving your doctor was negligent towards the care you should have received while needing assistance in a medical facility is crucial and the first step to getting started. Secondly, you will need to prove that such negligence led to your injuries or losses. 

Get Medical Professional Assistance

Settling a case associated with medical malpractices outside of court can be troublesome and time-consuming. However, with the assistance of a medical professional and the approval of such representation, settling your case can be fast and smooth, plus you make sure you get compensated accordingly.

Negotiate Based On How The Negligence Limits Your Conditions

Depending on the original condition and the negligence caused, you need to identify all the areas in which medical negligence will affect your life and health. Some of the things you should look at are your ability to work now and in the future.

Also, you need to know how much further negligence can affect your health conditions. How it is preventing you from receiving wages and whether or not this has resulted in mental or physical pain or suffering. 

How Compensations Are Issued

After you have finalized the process and the case is settled, and a verdict is reached, you will find two methods in which you will get compensated for your losses. One way is known as Structured Payment, and it is when the court will ensure you have sufficient funds to cover long-term medical treatment.

The other method is Lump Sum Payment and allows you to set up different options to cover past, current, and future medical expenses. This is often looked at as the most practical way to get compensated. 

While these are things you need to know before you make any move, you may also want to consider getting assistance from qualified medical malpractice lawyers who know the ins and outs of these cases and can help you further. 

Don’t Stress & Let Highly Experienced Professionals Take Care Of It For You

At Hashem Law Firm, we are a team of professional lawyers in Monticello with years of experience helping patients dealing with medical malpractice cases. Our team understands the importance of these cases and will provide you with the assistance you need to get your case settled in a professional and fair manner. 




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Are You Liable or Not From a Drunk Car Accident? Tue, 06 Jul 2021 22:07:26 +0000 The post Are You Liable or Not From a Drunk Car Accident? appeared first on The Hashem Law Firm.

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Are You Liable or Not From a Drunk Car Accident?

A car accident can happen for different reasons, and one of the most common ones is drunk driving. The question is, though, who is liable in a car accident while being drunk? Here, you will learn how to know who is responsible for a car accident when drunk driving or a drunk driver is involved.

How to Determine fault and liability

No matter the reason for the car accident and how severe it was, there is always going to be someone responsible for the accident. Sometimes, it can get tricky and complicated to determine who is responsible for the car accident, but what determines the fault in a car accident? Depending on the case, such as:

  • Rear-End Accident

In a rear-end collision, it is easy to identify who the liable person is. If you hit the back of the other person’s car, you are responsible for the car accident. The same happens if it is the other way around. If your vehicle gets hit in the back, you are not at fault, but the drunk driver.

In any rear-end collision, the person is liable for the car accident because the person could not stop the car safely. You can quickly notice who is responsible for such an accident by seeing who got the cart’s front end damaged and who got the car’s rear damaged.

On the other hand, when people start blaming and pointing out to each other, it gets complicated to determine who is responsible. 


  • Left- Turn Accidents 

Another situation when a car accident can happen while driving drunk is with left-turn collisions. This type of accident is one of the most dangerous ones because making a left turn is dangerous, and being drunk can worsen.

In most cases, the person that is responsible for a car accident is the one who makes the left-hand turn and causes the car accident. 

You Can Find Experienced Car Accident Lawyers With The Hashem Law Firm

Suppose you get involved in a car accident. In that case, The Hashem Law Firm can help you with the trial with our experienced car accidents lawyers.



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Everything You Need to Know About the Financial Cost of a Car Accident. Tue, 06 Jul 2021 22:04:16 +0000 The post Everything You Need to Know About the Financial Cost of a Car Accident. appeared first on The Hashem Law Firm.

car insurance lawyer

We are aware that car accidents happen almost every day because there is no such thing as accident-free. You can be involved in a car accident in seconds, or someone may crash their car with yours, and it becomes a financial cost for you.

Wrecks can be too costly. Indeed, it can considerably affect your finances due to unforeseen expenses you need to pay for after the car accident. But, what are those specific areas that you have to cover financially? Are they that costly? Keep reading to find out more about these areas that you have to cover financially.

Three areas in which you will spend your money on for a car accident


1. Lawyer 

Suppose you get involved in a car accident. In that case, the first thing you need to do is to get a car accident lawyer, who is the person that will guide and support you in the trial process. Of course, hiring a lawyer with expertise in car accidents can be costly because they must follow the necessary steps to take in the legal and insurance process.

It is important to know that the cost of hiring a car accident lawyer can vary depending on some factors such as:

  • The nature of the case
  • The experience of the car accident lawyer 
  • The profile of the person involved in the accident

2. Medical Attention

The second area you will need to spend money on is the medical attention you might need after the car accident. Going to the hospital and getting the proper check out by a doctor is essential. There you will know the extent of your injuries.  

The medical attention cost can vary depending on the damage from the accident, the pills you need to take, and the medical care.  


3. Repair of Personal Property

Repair of personal property involves any car accident because it means that your car suffered substantial damage. To repair a vehicle is costly, and the cost depends on the level of damage the car received. If the vehicle is completely wrecked, you will need to buy a new one. 


The Hashem Law Firm Will Provide You the Best Car Accident Lawyer in Monticello

With over 30 years of legal experience, the Hashem Law Firm will provide you with car accident lawyers who are experts in the topic. Our car accident lawyers are aware of the different factors that come with a car accident and help you guide you in the process.



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