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Every single day, many Americans get a traffic ticket. It means that in a year, over 41 million Americans have gotten themselves a ticket that needs to be paid. However, what happens when you did not commit an infraction yet you still need to pay a ticket? 

Our traffic court lawyers in Hashem Law Firm have been helping Monticello residents with their tickets for many years. It is not fair that you have to pay a ticket for something you know you did not commit. We understand your car is something you depend on for your day-to-day, therefore, we need to resolve this issue as soon as possible so you can go on with your life. 

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Why You Should Hire A Traffic Lawyer 

No matter the issue you currently have with traffic tickets, you need a lawyer to help you resolve them. From speeding, running a red light, driving a vehicle with no lights, and many more infractions, our traffic lawyers can help you. 

Helps You Understand Traffic Law Better

Almost everyone can drive, however, not everyone understands traffic law. Our lawyers at Hashem Law Firm have the ability to help you with your case while explaining traffic laws to you in a way that can be understood better. 

Dismiss or Lower Ticket Penalties 

Lawyers have the ability to gather enough evidence to help you dismiss a ticket or for the court to lower the penalty that was given to you. Whether it was a ticket that was wrongly issued or it’s a $500 dollar ticket you cannot pay, we will find the way to help you. 

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Our lawyers are experienced in dealing with traffic law cases. We will help you during this process and give you the right information to not go through it again.