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Find the protection you need with our lawyers at Hashem Law Firm. 

Finding a reliable law firm to help you with your case can be hard. Most law firms in Singleton, AR don’t offer the help that Hashem Law Firm does. We deeply care about the wellbeing of our clients, therefore, we go the extra mile for them and their needs. We have been working in Arkansas for almost 35 years which makes us completely handle any case that comes up for us.

Hashem Law Firm practices under various areas, however, we specialize in three such as trucking & auto accidents, personal injury, and medical negligence. We understand how frustrating it can be when justice is not on your side because you have the wrong help.

 When you work with our lawyers at Hashem Law Firm you will be heard, understood, and we will help as soon as possible. 

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Primary Practice Areas 

As said before, we practice in many areas but we work under three primary ones. 

Trucking & Auto Accidents

Trucking and auto accidents can create severe damage in families and loved ones. When you have been hurt or someone close to you suffers from terrible consequences due to this accident, you need the right legal representation to get the justice you need. 

The Hashem Law Firm can help. Let us put over 30 years of legal experience to work for you.

Personal Injury

The Hashem Law Firm helps victims who have suffered Personal Injury because of someone else’s negligence or even intentional conduct. Our lawyers understand that emotional suffering is often just as harmful as physical injuries or financial damage. 

Medical Negligence

“First Do No Harm” is taken from the Hippocratic Oath. Most doctors, nurses, and hospitals are good people, dedicated to helping patients. However, even the best medical personnel can make a mistake. When a medical error falls below the standard of care, it is called Medical Malpractice. Things get complicated when Medicine and Law intersect.

Let Us Help With Your Case 

Our lawyers are experienced in dealing with all types of personal injury and have tried cases involving Wrongful Death, Toxic Exposures, Construction Accidents, Defective Products, Business Fraud, Trucking & Auto Accidents, and Medical Malpractice. 

We would be honored to have the opportunity to earn your trust.