How To Choose An Arkansas Law Firm?

Choosing a law firm is a crucial decision, especially if it’s your first time in need of an attorney. So how do you choose a and Arkansas Law Firm?

Do thorough research before making a decision, ask your friends for referrals, and seek those that have experience in the practice area you need help with. Below you may find some steps to take when finding the best lawyer for your legal needs:

Experience & Years Of Practice

Ask for how many years the law firm has been serving in Arkansas. Do they provide services locally only, or are they also present in other states? And, more importantly, how much experience they have on the topic.

Areas Of Expertise

In what practice do they specialize? Making sure of this can help you get an idea of how successful they can be and their ability to obtain the results you deserve.

Special Skills Or Certifications

Aside from the different areas of expertise, check if they have certifications to back them up.

Ability & Service

Check who is their attorneys, what is their background, for how long they’ve served, and reviews of their service. Do they genuinely care for their clients and family? Review their website, call them, and ask for past clients names who you can then contact and use as a reference.

Request A Meeting

Don’t be afraid of requesting a meeting. The website can say a lot, and they can even sound nice over the phone, but it will never be the same as meeting in person. Prepare a list of questions for all those doubts you may have, ask about their fees, terms, and representation agreement. And pay close attention to the way they treat you, do they listen to you? Does it seem like they care about you and your needs? Are they courteous and provide prompt responses to your questions? Are they someone you feel comfortable with?

We Can Help

Our lawyers with Hashem Law Firm have been serving for over 30 years Arkansas residents in the areas of Personal Injury, Defective Products Law, Medical Malpractice, Auto Accidents, Commercial Litigation, Insurance Litigation, Insurance Defense Litigation, Complex Divorce Litigation, Banking Law and Family Law.

We genuinely care about the client’s best interests and well-being. We would be honored to help you with your case and earn your trust.