Hamburg Civil Litigation Lawyer

The courtroom can be a scary place, and entering a trial can be very stressful. If you need to resolve a dispute of a non-criminal nature our lawyers at Hashem Law Firm can help. Our lawyers have tried jury trials for over 30 years and have been honored on numerous occasions for their work in the legal field. 


When do you need a Civil Litigation Lawyer?

Civil Litigation Lawyers are also known as Trial Lawyers. If you are in the need or you’re considering filing a lawsuit, it’s a good idea to consult a litigation lawyer. As with the experience they have, they know which cases have a good chance of being successful. Civil Litigation Lawyers are familiar with all the steps, procedures and paperwork needed and they can also advise if your case is suited for court or if it can be handled outside of the courtroom. Below you can find some examples of civil litigation:

  • Divorce
  • Alimony or child case
  • Personal Injury
  • Discrimination case or other employment matter
  • Debt Settlement
  • A lawsuit between two companies
  • A breach of contract 

Since the civil litigation lawyers at Hashem Law Firm have the experience and knowledge of the different procedures, they can help you save time and in some cases, they could help you save you from fines. When people decide not to have a lawyer in their case, they are taking the risk of mistakes, like filling a document wrong, not providing the same information and more.

Get the Right Help

Our lawyers will be honored to have the opportunity to earn your trust, with their experience you will get the justice you need. You don’t need to make it more stressful, they are here to help and will work hard to restore your hope. Either if your case is for personal injury, involving toxic exposures, construction accidents, defective products, business fraud, medical malpractice or debt settlement, alimony and much more that classifies as civil litigation, they will provide the right help for you.