Divorce Lawyer in Monticello

Get the help needed in tough times like these from our lawyers at Hashem Law Firm. 

Hashem Law Firm has brought support for Monticello residents for almost 35 years. We have been helping people that have come up to us looking for help for their divorce cases. We understand how hard it is to go through times like these alone, therefore, we give the support needed at all times. 

Our professional lawyers are committed to providing the right legal advice for you. Choosing to get a divorce can be overwhelming and stressful so we want to make this process as steady as possible for you and your loved ones. 

Contact our professionals at Hashem Law Firm will help you go through the complexities of divorce with full support. 


Full Support At All Times 

We are not like the standard lawyers everyone knows. We deeply care about our clients and their peace of mind. Hashem Law Firm provides the tools and resources needed for your case. 

If you have kids, this process can be hard for them too. Therefore, we will help you in making all the factors of divorce cases run as smoothly as possible. From child custody, child support, family law, and more factors, we help you understand everything. 

Once you have contacted us and we know more about your case, we will give you full support, attention, assistance, and guidance. 

Let’s Go Through This Together

Our lawyers are experienced in dealing with all types of cases. Divorce cases can be complicated and stressful but with our experience in these practices, we will help you have the justice you need.

We would be honored to have the opportunity to earn your trust.