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A defective product case happens more often than what you would think of. You could be using your day-to-day products and some may cause a different reaction to you.

 A defective product happens when there’s a manufacturing or design effect that makes the product dangerous for consumers. This can be very dangerous because some customers may have a more extreme reaction or injury caused by the product. 

Our lawyers in Hashem Law Firm have been working with defective product cases for many years and have gained experience in this case. If you want to have a great solution in your case, reach out to our experts in defective products. 




Why You Should Take Your Case To Trial

Defective cases happen all over the world and are more common than people think of. Many people have been injured or in worse case scenarios even died because of a product that was defective.

It’s a customers’ right to claim and take their case to trial. 

People are able to sue companies if they do not comply with correct designs, have manufacturer defects, and wrong labeling in warnings or instructions. If a product does not have the correct design or advertising it can be dangerous for their customers and everyone around. 

Spot the most common  defective products: 


Manufacturing Defects

A manufacturing defect means the product had a fail when it was created. It did not come out like other products and is potentially more dangerous than the other product. 

Design Defects 

In this case, it means the product was correctly manufactured but it was designed in a way that was dangerous for their customers. 

Inadequate Warnings  

Products have to be designed with all clean and complete warnings if they do not have it, it could cause some dangers to their customers.  

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