Civil Litigation Attorney in Winchester, AK

If you are in the need of filing a lawsuit, you should get the help of a civil litigation lawyer. Hashem Law Firm has the most experienced lawyers in Winchester, AK. With over 30 years we have been helping Winchester residents with their cases. We are familiar with all the steps, procedures, and necessary paperwork needed, which means that we will make the process painless, and not rest until obtaining the best possible outcome for your lawsuit.


When Do You Need A Civil Litigation Attorney?

Whenever there’s a legal dispute that does not fall in criminal nature and the parties involved require a legal decision to resolve their dispute.

Any of the following situations can pursue civil litigation case:

  • Divorce and family law
  • Personal injury, including medical malpractice claims
  • Liability law
  • Intellectual property law
  • Employment and labor disputes
  • Landlord/tenant disputes

If you have tried mediation with the other party and have not come to a resolution, the settlement or agreement you are being offered is not fair or even if you already accepted the agreement but have not received the compensation, don’t doubt in contacting Hashem Law Firm.

Most civil litigation cases don’t go to trial, instead, they are solved by settlement. Even though your case might not go to trial, our attorneys can help and handle the negotiations, with the resources we have and experience we can get the best result for you.

Let Us Help You

We put our clients’ best interests and wellbeing first, we are prepared to handle your civil case no matter the nature of it. Some of the most common types of cases we also handle in Winchester are family law and personal injury.

Our attorneys will make the process easier and simpler and will guide you through every step, from filing initial motions with the court to research and discovery into your case to the actual trial.