Medical Negligence Attorney in Monticello, AR

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When you or any loved one has to go to the hospital for any reason, you expect the best results and care possible. Millions of people around the world put a certain level of trust in doctors whenever they need certain care or procedure done. From doctors, surgeons to nurses, you always need the right care when you visit the hospital. 

However, there are cases where they do not deliver the results you were expecting and end up making negligence that puts in danger the life of you or your loved one. Medical negligence is very complex, that’s why we encourage Monticello residents to contact our lawyers so they can have the quickest response possible. 

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Most Common Causes of Medical Negligence 

Medical negligence occurs when the doctor, nurse or surgeon has made a mistake that is dangerous for patients and those around them. Medical negligence has many forms, here are the most common ones:

  • Wasn’t able to know the diagnosis or did not make one
  • Misreading lab results 
  • Unnecessary surgery
  • Surgical errors and unnecessary operations.
  • Erroneous medication is given or dosage 
  • Not paying attention to patient information
  • Failure to recognize any symptoms 

Protect those around you and yourself against any danger made in the hospital. We want to be there with you in tough cases like this. 

Choose a Certified Attorney 

Our attorneys at Hashem Law Firm are certified to work with any medical negligence that people go through. When you choose a certified attorney, you will be helping those around you to know be aware and avoid these types of issues from happening. With Hashem Law Firm you will feel safer and get the justice you deserve.