Fact-Checking Car Accident Claims

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If you have recently been involved in a car accident, you probably have heard misconceptions about the car accident claim process. Fact-check some of those myths.

“Insurance Will Pay for Everything”

FALSE. “Full coverage” is not a proper term because insurance companies have a paying limit. When you get involved in a car accident, the amount of money the insurance will cover depends on the contract.

  • If you are not presumed at fault, most insurances will cover up to a maximum amount, and your total expenses might surpass that limit. It is likely you might need to use your insurance to complete the compensation for damages. 
  • If you caused the car accident: if the other driver’s expenses surpass the maximum coverage amount, you will need to pay out of your pocket or face a civil lawsuit. 

“I Can Do This Without A Lawyer”

FALSE. Insurance companies will try to avoid paying any claims or pressure you to take a low offer. An experienced car accident attorney will work with your best interest at heart, providing guidance and assessment. They will help gather evidence to sustain your claim and get you the best settlement offer.

“The police report is enough evidence to prove fault.”

FALSE.  Because insurance companies will avoid paying claims, they will try to use anything to discredit them. To have solid grounds to sustain the claim, you will need to gather all the evidence of the scene, medical records to prove injuries, and witness testimonies will help. Working with a car accident attorney will facilitate the job for you. 

“Minor Injuries Do Not Qualify For A Settlement”

 FALSE. You have the right to pursue compensation, and the insurance company should pay for any expense you might have incurred. Costs you might incur are the losses you suffered for the damages to your vehicle and the medical bill you paid to recover fully. Lacerations, soft tissue injuries, muscle pain, strains, neck and back pain are some minor injuries covered by insurance companies. 


“I need to hire an Attorney From The Hashem Law Firm If I’m Involved In A Car Accident in Monticello.”

TRUE. If you are in Monticello and suffered from a car accident, you can rely on your car and safety at Hashem Law Firm. Auto accidents are one of our many areas of expertise. You can count on trustful, respected, and most importantly, ethical auto accident attorneys. We stay on the truth.