Work With Effective Freight Truck Injury Attorneys In Monticello

Given the size and weight of freight trucks, collisions can be devastating and often result in serious bodily harm or fatalities. The injuries sustained by survivors often require extensive rehabilitation, and even then, some people are never able to regain the level of functioning they had before the accident. 

If you or your family member has been involved in a freight truck accident resulting in injury or death, you may be eligible for compensation. The Hashem Law Firm is a group of freight truck injury attorneys in Monticello who can take on the hard work and stress while you focus on a full recovery.




Common Types of Truck Accidents 

Individuals need to be aware of the common types of accidents resulting from a freight truck. Common types of accidents include the following:

  • Sideswipes 
  • Blindspot accidents
  • Rollover accidents
  • Rear-end accidents 

Some of the factors that can lead to trucking accidents include:

  • Intoxicated driving 
  • Inexperience 
  • Dangerous weather conditions 
  • Defective tires or other products 
  • Improper maintenance of the truck

Who Can Be Held Liable?

There are many potentially liable parties in a truck accident, such as:


  • Truck Driver: the driver of a large truck is the most apparent party in accident liability. Several factors may have inhibited their ability to maneuver their vehicle correctly. However, the driver may have experienced mechanical difficulties that caused them to lose control.

  • Truck Company: The trucking company responsible for giving dispatch assignments to drivers may be liable for the accident if they push drivers to drive beyond the rules and requirements set by Monticello law. Trucking companies may sometimes hire incompetent drivers or fail to train their drivers, resulting in serious accidents properly.

  • Truck or Parts Manufacturer: In some cases, all the above parties may have done everything right, but a defect in the truck itself, or truck parts, can result in a malfunction that causes an accident.


A Law Firm You Can Trust

When you are involved in a truck accident, the experience can leave you in a shocking state. Whether you are the truck driver, pedestrian, or other driver injured in a freight truck accident, you must understand your legal rights and any avenues of compensation available to you. 

It is also important to realize how complex freight truck collisions can be, as many different parties may be liable for damages. The freight truck accident attorneys in Monticello at the Hashem Law Firm are here to help you. If you or a loved one have been injured in a Monticello freight truck accident, our lawyers will take the time to evaluate your case. 

At the Hashem Law Firm, we specialize in handling freight truck accident claims and have garnered respect within the legal profession.