Truck Injury Attorney in Monticello

With so many drivers on the road, trucking accidents are inevitable. Many people incorrectly assume an accident involving a tractor-trailer is just like any other motor-vehicle collision, only with a much larger vehicle involved. Victims who have been injured in crashes involving trucks know that is not the case. 

At Hashem Law Firm, we have experienced truck injury attorneys in Monticello and understand claims involving trucks require extensive experience with transportation regulations. If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck accident, the experienced attorneys at the Hashem Law Firm can help you achieve solutions. 




Seeking Help After Being Involved in a Truck Accident 

As with any accident, whether it be with a passenger vehicle or with a truck, you should always seek medical attention right away. While you heal from any injuries or stress, the lawyers at Hashem Law Firm work hard to get you any compensation you are eligible for; you may be entitled to the following:

  • Lost wages from time off work
  • Medical expenses for any injuries as a result of the accident 
  • Replacement or repair of your automobile

You may also be entitled to losses such as pain and suffering. When you retain the services of Hashem Law Firm, we can contact the trucking company and their insurance carrier to get them to direct further inquiries to our office. Working with our experts means you will have access to a variety of benefits such as:

  • Outside experts to get second opinions. 
  • Interviewing witnesses 
  • Combing through company records to find any necessary evidence 

Where Fault May Lie With Other Parties

The dynamics of driving a truck are very different from driving a car. Their sheer weight and size make maneuverability and stopping far more challenging. Despite the precautions that are in place, trucks are the cause of many severe collisions. However, there are many reasons the fault might lie with several parties, for example: 

  • If a driver has driven far more than the legal number of hours in a week, the employer may be at fault for allowing the limit to be exceeded.

  • If the accident was caused by mechanical failure, the truck manufacturer or maintenance company might be to blame

  • If the roads were poorly maintained, certain municipalities might be responsible. 

Get The Peace of Mind You Need With Hashem Law Firm 

At the Hashem Law Firm, our skilled attorneys will advocate on your behalf to help get you the compensation you are eligible for. If you or a loved one have been injured in a trucking accident, look no further than the team at the Hashem Law Firm. Our goal is to continue the pursuit of excellence on behalf of our clients.