When You Need To Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer


Nobody wants to be involved in a situation that leads them to be seriously injured. However, no matter how careful we may be, accidents are prone to happen, and people get hurt. Following an accident, you will likely find yourself hearing from various insurance companies. The easiest way to respond to them is to tell them to speak with your lawyer. 

Your lawyer will typically take over all communication with the insurance company and related parties. Keep reading to find out when you should retain a personal injury lawyer. 


Types of Personal Injury Claims

The best personal injury lawyers will be able to assist you no matter which of the following accidents you are involved in:

  • Car accident 
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Cycling accident 
  • The sporting accident that happens as a result of negligence 
  • Work-related injuries
  • Slip and fall incidents 
  • Wrongful death 
  • Dog/animal bites 
  • Injuries sustained due to medical negligence.

Advantages of Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

The best approach to handling a personal injury case is hiring a legal expert to handle your case for you. When you work with the right time, they will take care of all the following on your behalf: 

  • Use their legal expertise to get the best compensation possible. 
  • Research to understand all possible options and outcomes for your particular case. 
  • Handle all the paperwork and take care of the requirements needed for personal injury claims 
  • Deal with all communication with involved parties and companies alike
  • Do the necessary research to uncover evidence, which can be used as leverage during the case.
  • Represent you during negotiations with insurance companies 
  • Provide you with peace of mind, which is especially important during a tough time. 

Consult With The Hashem Law Firm

If an unfortunate situation may arise where a personal injury attorney is necessary, the Monticello lawyers at the Hashem Law Firm invite you to give us the opportunity to address your case and the possible solutions. 

Accident victims often feel hopeless when they are forced to go to trial with an insurance company; that’s where our lawyers step in and help level the playing field and restore hope for our clients.