What to Do if I Got Hit By An Unlicensed Driver.

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Did you know that unlicensed drivers were involved in 20% of the total annual car accidents? What happens if you get hit by one?

Are Unlicensed Drivers Automatically Liable in a Car Accident? 

If you happen to be involved in a car accident, the first thing to do is file a police report. The police report will determine who was presumed to be at fault. Even though an unlicensed driver shows evidence of negligence, this does not mean they are automatically at fault. There should be enough evidence that the negligent driver caused the accident to be held accountable for damages witness testimonies, surveillance cameras, and medical records might be needed.

The Other Driver Was At Fault. What Happens Next?

Once the fault is determined, the following step is to know whether the cars were insured or not. Depending on the scenario presented, you can decide what to do next. Some include uninsured cars, borrowed or stolen vehicles. 

What If The Unlicensed Driver Has An Uninsured Car?

In this is scenario, you have two options: 

  1. You can file a lawsuit against the unlicensed driver for personal injuries. Nevertheless, there is a great chance the driver lacks enough funds to cover the damages and compensate you. 
  2. Use your insurance to cover damages. Some insurances even have coverage for uninsured or underinsured motorists. 

The help of an expert car accident attorney is advised for either option. They can provide guidance and legal assessment throughout the process of compensating your damages. 

What If The Unlicensed Driver Was Using Someone Else’s Car?

There is also the possibility that the unlicensed driver was using another person’s car, whether it was borrowed or stolen. What happens then? It depends on whether the unlicensed driver had consent from the car’s owner or not.

  • If the unlicensed driver borrowed the car and has insurance: the car owner’s insurance will compensate you for the damages and expenses incurred. However, it is suggested to have a car accident attorney corroborate if the driver had permission to use the car. 
  • If the unlicensed driver took the vehicle without permission or stole it: the car owner’s insurance will not compensate you for the damages or expenses incurred. In this scenario, you are left with the same options as owning an uninsured car. 

With The Help of Hashem Law Firm, You Will Be More Protected

With The Help of Hashem Law Firm, You Will Be More Protected
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