The New Abnormal – Impacts of COVID-19 in The Legal Sector


The challenges of COVID-19 are unprecedented, both for the economy and for aspects of the legal system. Life as we know it has changed. In today’s highly uncertain situation and rapidly changing environment, legal professionals like other businesses and industries face new challenges in their practice. 

There’s no doubt COVID-19 has had a dramatic impact on work practices across every industry, and the law is no exception. The pandemic has turbocharged technology adoption across the sector as law firms and corporate legal departments switch to remote working and exploring virtual ways of delivering services. Let’s take a closer look at where things stand in the legal sector.


Beyond COVID-19 – Long Term Implications

The legal sector involves a lot of in-person conversations. However, COVID-19 has turbocharged law’s move to virtual workforce and distance learning. All legal professionals face the challenge of digitally transforming their work to remain agile, competitive, and efficient. COVID-19 could be the catalyst for change the legal industry needed. 


Some changes have been effective and may even become permanent. Virtual hearings are often most cost-effective as there are no travel costs, and they save time for both clients and law firms. Courts have also moved to electronic document-filing systems, an efficient move that may not have been made otherwise. 


While we navigate what may be a new reality, it’s essential for law firms to ensure they are ready to adapt and continue to do the following:

  • Keep your client communication clear and consistent: The importance of consistent and accurate information during this time cannot be overstated. Clients will also be under duress from the current state of the world.


  • Stay agile and be ready to pivot quickly: The pandemic state continues to change day to day, so your law firm must be prepared to act rapidly in response to the current situation. Consider providing additional removal services for clients such as virtual meetings; your practice does not need to go completely dark. 


  • Continue to plan for the long term: The slowdown of business across the nation will not continue forever; it’s essential to stay at the forefront of your business planning for the next few months, as well as for the next few years. Set reasonable goals that take into account the current landscape.


  • Deliver value now: While clients are less likely to come to the office during this period, consider new marketing channels that your practice can leverage in the current state, during which consumers are most likely researching future hiring decisions.


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