Dealing With Insurance Companies’ Settlements

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Have you recently suffered a car accident and are waiting to receive a settlement offer from the insurance company? Here is what you need to know. 

What To Do After A Car Accident

If you happen to be involved in a car accident, it is appropriate to do the following: 

  1. File a police report. The police report will describe the extent of the damages and tell who is presumed to be at fault. 
  2. Gather evidence. You will need to provide as much evidence as possible to obtain compensation. 
  3. File a car accident claim. Insurance companies should help you recover from the injuries you might have suffered and compensate for the losses and expenses incurred.

It is always advised to contact a car accident attorney to provide guidance and assessment throughout the process. Dealing with insurance companies can be stressful, but attorneys can level the playing field. There are many well-known firms in Monticello. 


What To Expect From Insurance Companies

Insurance companies operate by paying as little as possible while receiving enormous revenues for their service. So here is what to expect: 

  • The most profitable offer for insurance companies is 0. That is why some insurance companies will start by trying to deny claims and avoid paying any compensation. Substantial evidence will be needed to support your claim. Again, hiring an experienced car attorney is advised.
  • Low-ball offers. Even if they decide to offer a settlement, their first offer is likely to be low. The adjuster will determine a settlement offer that can still be profitable for the company and not beneficial to you. 

If You Got An Offer, Here Is What To Do

If the insurance company offers a settlement, it is suggested to do the following: 

  • Be patient. By the time you receive your first offer, you probably won’t have the total calculations of the damages, losses, and expenses that the car accident represented.  
  • Wait to recover fully.  Once you accept an offer, you will not be able to ask for a higher compensation if more damages appear after the settlement. 
  • Get an experienced attorney on the field. Auto accident attorneys can help you determine the fair compensation value and prevent you from taking an offer below the deserved. Avoid the time demanding and stressful negotiations with the help of an experienced attorney,  
  • Reject the offer. Most of the initial settlement offers tend to be too low, but most offers are not final. You may receive a better offer if you negotiate. 
  • Make a counteroffer. You have the right to pursue total compensation and to counteroffer the settlement. You do this by sending a detailed car accident demand letter to the insurance company. The company’s adjuster might get in touch with you and negotiate until both parties have a satisfactory outcome. 

Insurance Companies Can Be Intimidating, But So Are Our Lawyers 

Negotiating with insurance companies can be overwhelming, but our lawyers at Hashem Law Firm in Monticello are ready to be with you every step of the way. We are known to put our clients’ interests at heart. We will stand up for your deserved justice.