What Is Complex Divorce Litigation?

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Going through a divorce can take an emotional toll on anyone, especially with everything else that needs to get resolved during that time. Many times, arrangements involving child custody, property division, and alimony can get resolved smoothly. However, this is not always the case. When a divorce gets complicated and escalates, it’s known as a complex divorce. 

Since complex divorce deals with many additional variables that prevent arrangements from going smoothly, it’s recommended to work with a divorce lawyer in Monticello.  


How It Works


Complex divorce litigation is a form of resolving a divorce dispute. You will have to submit issues to a family court, hoping to reach an agreement through the litigation process. Although taking the dispute to court might be more tedious and expensive, there are higher chances that the resolution is fair and benefiting both parties. 


When Is A Divorce Complex?


As previously mentioned, a few contributing factors make divorce enter the realm of complex divorce litigation. Here are some of those additional variables that make for these cases. 


  • Adultery
  • Mental health issues
  • Multiple real estate properties
  • High asset divorce 
  • Any form of physical or psychological abuse 
  • Tax issues
  • More

When you have a complex marriage, getting a divorce will make for a complex divorce. Many of the mentioned above can’t be solved fairly on your own, which is why working with an experienced divorce lawyer makes a significant difference for the most favorable outcome. 


When Is Litigation Necessary?


If you are wondering whether or not you need to step into litigation to resolve any divorce disputes, here is one of the main deciding factors. It’s no surprise that divorcing parties may be having trouble reaching smooth agreements. 

The scale of the disagreements you’re facing can be a deciding factor of whether or not litigation is the right option. When one of the parties refuses to cooperate, it’s unlikely to stay out of court. 


Divorce Attorneys at The Hashem Law Firm

If you’re ready to settle any disputes between you and your spouse regarding your divorce process, litigation might be the best option available to you. Complex divorce can’t be treated like regular divorce, and it’s crucial to get in touch with experienced lawyers that know your state’s divorce laws.


At The Hashem Law, we want to help you reach a beneficial and fair settlement for yourself and your family. Get in touch with us, and our divorce lawyers in Monticello will be ready to help.