Are You Liable or Not From a Drunk Car Accident?

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Are You Liable or Not From a Drunk Car Accident?

A car accident can happen for different reasons, and one of the most common ones is drunk driving. The question is, though, who is liable in a car accident while being drunk? Here, you will learn how to know who is responsible for a car accident when drunk driving or a drunk driver is involved.

How to Determine fault and liability

No matter the reason for the car accident and how severe it was, there is always going to be someone responsible for the accident. Sometimes, it can get tricky and complicated to determine who is responsible for the car accident, but what determines the fault in a car accident? Depending on the case, such as:

  • Rear-End Accident

In a rear-end collision, it is easy to identify who the liable person is. If you hit the back of the other person’s car, you are responsible for the car accident. The same happens if it is the other way around. If your vehicle gets hit in the back, you are not at fault, but the drunk driver.

In any rear-end collision, the person is liable for the car accident because the person could not stop the car safely. You can quickly notice who is responsible for such an accident by seeing who got the cart’s front end damaged and who got the car’s rear damaged.

On the other hand, when people start blaming and pointing out to each other, it gets complicated to determine who is responsible. 


  • Left- Turn Accidents 

Another situation when a car accident can happen while driving drunk is with left-turn collisions. This type of accident is one of the most dangerous ones because making a left turn is dangerous, and being drunk can worsen.

In most cases, the person that is responsible for a car accident is the one who makes the left-hand turn and causes the car accident. 

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