4 Reasons You Need an Attorney Following a Car Accident

Nobody wants to be involved in a situation that leads them to be seriously injured. However, no matter how careful we may be, accidents are prone to

If another driver has left you or a loved one injured in a car accident, you may not know where to turn for help. In fact, after being injured in a car accident, your focus should be on recovering. It’s unlikely you will want to take on anything more than recovering from any injuries you’ve sustained. 

However, you should not feel as though you have to take on the task of dealing with insurance companies and third parties yourself. Your car accident claim is critical to your ability to reach your fullest recovery, and as such, there are several crucial reasons you should consider hiring a car accident attorney. 

Keep reading to find out four reasons you should seek advice from a reputable personal injury attorney in Monticello, AR. 

Your Damages Are Not Set In Stone

It may be clear that another driver injured you. However, that does not mean the damages you have incurred will make themselves apparent and that pursuing compensation will be a straightforward process. While your immediate and projected medical costs shouldn’t be difficult to calculate, there is often much more to it, including:

  • Medical complications that can reverberate into your future
  • A resulting permanent or chronic medical condition
  • Lost wage, diminished earning capacity, and even an altered career trajectory. 
  • Pain and suffering endured as a result of the accident.

Determining your damages can be a very complicated process that often requires having experts weigh in. Ensuring that you file a claim that adequately represents the damage you’ve suffered in their totality requires the professional skills of a dedicated Monticello personal injury lawyer. 

Established Fault Can Be Complicated 

If another driver left you injured, you are likely overwhelmed. However, if the other driver’s fault is supported by both eyewitness testimony and other evidence, this may not stop the insurance company from implicating you in sharing a part of that fault. 

With the professional legal counsel of an experienced attorney, you’ll be far better prepared to establish the other motorist’s fault in your case firmly. 

The Insurance Company Is Not Necessarily On Your Side

Many people who other motorists have injured adopt the attitude that the insurance company handling their claim will take care of. While the insurance company will deal with the request, its goals are vastly different than yours. Insurance companies are in the business of getting profit, and they have techniques to ensure they do so, including: 

  • Minimizing or even denying claims when and if possible
  • Making low settlement offers early in the process to tempt claimants to settle before they’re aware of the full extent of the damage they’ve suffered.
  • Prolonging the settlement process to encourage claimants to accept less than what they may be eligible for. 

You May Need To Go To Court

If the insurance company refuses to make a settlement offer that adequately covers your losses, you’ll have no resource other than accepting their lowball offer or proceeding to court. The legal process related to personal injury claims is exceptionally complicated, with many administrative rules and regulations that can confuse even the most sophisticated plaintiff. 

Additionally, if you go to court, you’ll probably need to have expert testimony to back up your claims regarding your physical, financial, and emotional damages. 

Contact an Experienced Monticello Personal Injury Lawyer

If you require a personal injury attorney, the Monticello lawyers at The Hashem Law Firm can level the playing field and work hard to restore hope for their clients. With over thirty years of experience, the Hashem Law Firm has earned a reputation of integrity and trust. They are respected by both judges and other attorneys in Monticello.