Courtrooms Can Be Scary. Hire a Lawyer That You Can Trust.

Hiring an attorney can be a scary proposition. By doing your homework, you can find someone who you trust and gives you confidence in his abilities. However, as the case goes on, you may begin to lose confidence and wonder if you hired the best lawyer for the job. Communication and record-keeping are the keys to maintaining an effective attorney-client relationship.



Most cases aren’t perfect, and it is important that your lawyer doesn’t make promises regarding the outcome of your case and should not be overconfident no matter how seasoned he or she is. A great lawyer knows there are many factors to be considered and that no legal proceedings come with guarantees and should present a few options for handling the case.

Great listener

A great lawyer is an even better listener. They should understand your goals. Not only are they good at listening, but great lawyers are also responsive. This doesn’t mean they respond to you within seconds, but rather they are considerate of your time and will respond in a timely manner.


As strange as this may sound, your lawyer shouldn’t empathize too much with your pain. A good legal service provider is able to stay objective and seek the truth at all costs. Your lawyer should pursue a professional relationship that’s based on trust and facts (good AND bad).

Honest about fees upfront

Though sometimes a sore subject, it is crucial that your lawyer talks about fees upfront. Certain types of representation have flat fees: immigration matters, basic bankruptcy, administrative law, etc. However, most types of legal matters have varying fees, and a good lawyer will give you a range. This is because matters could be more complex and because it is impossible to predict how the other side will react or respond.

Lawyers in Hashem Law Firm have all those qualities and more, let us help you in any type of accident you have.