Defense Law Attorney in Monticello

Being charged with a crime and faced with prison time or heavy fines is a complicated issue to be managing on your own. Hiring a respected defense law attorney is the recommended option you have as a solution to the crimes you might be charged with.

At The Hashem Law Firm, in Monticello, our attorneys are trained, experienced, and have an excellent reputation in handling these types of cases.

Why You Need an Experienced Defense Law Attorney

Defense law attorneys have many things to take care of once they have completed their research and planned a strategy. They are the ones that will call witnesses and strategize how to approach and handle them. When you have an experienced lawyer, you can be sure that they find and hire investigators and experts that will help your case.

Defense law attorneys are familiar with the particular law of their respective state and will negotiate plea bargains and sentencing programs for your case if they have to.

Attorneys have the training and experience to communicate with you and give you reality checks and information regarding your case that will determine the right way to proceed. It is ideal if you had a defense law attorney because they know the laws in Monticello and the protocol that must be followed in and outside the courtroom. 

How Hani W. Hashem Can Help

Hani W. Hashem started The Hashem Law Firm. He has been practicing law for about 40 years, and his goal is to give his clients the most professional and effective legal services available. 

Mr. Hashem has litigated claims in federal courts in Arkansas and the United States Supreme Court. He is recognized for multiple victories defending cases.

Mr. Hashem has been honored for his legal work and is a member of the invitation-only American Board of Trial Advocates and International Society of Barristers. He is qualified and experienced to be your defense law attorney. He is respected by judges and other lawyers which only adds to how helpful he will be to your case.

We Can Help Regardless of Your Crime

A defense law attorney will make your job easier; they can help you improve your chances of winning or obtaining more favorable outcomes.

Hani W. Hashem at The Hashem Law Firm is ready to help you in any way possible. You can count that he has awards and qualifications due to his hard work and success.