Complex Divorce Attorney in Arkansas

Going through a divorce is difficult and can take a toll on mental and emotional health. Because of those reasons, you must have someone by your side to help you think clearly and has your best interest in mind.

Having an experienced attorney to guide you through this process is the way to continue to move forward and doing so in a way that will benefit you.

At The Hashem Law Firm in Arkansas, our complex divorce attorneys have helped many clients successfully protect the things they care about the most during their divorce.

Why You Should Work With an Experienced Attorney

Working with an experienced attorney will help you ease this emotionally draining situation. Since the process goes beyond signing papers, you’ll want an attorney guiding you through the process of distributing assets and a lot more if there are children involved.

Complex divorce situations include high net-worth divorces, business valuation, custody disputes, domestic violence, and protection orders.

Here are a few reasons why you need an attorney for complex divorce litigation:

Expert Advice

An experienced attorney has helped many go through a divorce and will ensure that you get exactly what you deserve during this situation. If there are complex issues that must be resolved, an attorney is an invaluable resource. Hire an expert to protect your interests.

Make No Mistakes

As previously stated, stress makes it difficult to think clearly. The system is complicated, which allows you to make many mistakes. Hiring an attorney will let you rest assured that your case is being handled properly.

Significant Assets

Significant assets such as businesses, high-net-worth, custody, and more are what makes divorce so complex. Laws regarding the division of assets and liabilities may vary. You will want a lawyer that knows how it works in Arkansas. Your attorney will help you create a list of marital and non-marital assets, liabilities, and obligations for each. Since they have helped many others before, they’ll have your best interest in mind. 

Complex Divorce Attorney: Hani W. Hashem

Mr. Hani W. Hashem practices complex divorce litigation at Hashem Law Firm. He cares about his clients and treats each case as the most important one. He has been practicing law for over 35 years and has your best interest in mind. Mr. Hashem represents a wide range of clientele and has been honored for his work on numerous occasions.

If you need a complex divorce attorney in Arkansas, he will ensure that you get everything you deserve and will make the process flow smoothly.