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Are you ready to file for divorce? Are there complex legal, financial, or custody issues standing in the way of a clear resolution? If so, your best bet is to get in touch with one of our complex divorce lawyers in Monticello Arkansas today.

We can help you resolve your complex issues so that you can get your divorce and move on with your life.

How to Find the Right Lawyer?

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At Hashem Law Firm, our goal is to continue striving for excellence as we have been for over thirty years. We want to serve our clients, earn their trust, and maintain our exceptional reputation of honesty and integrity. 

Three main characteristics make a difference when hiring a personal injury lawyer. To find the right lawyer, you must consider their: experience, focus, and reputation.


It is imperative to hire a personal injury lawyer that has experience in the courtroom. You will want someone who you trust will know what to look for to acquire the compensation you deserve. Experienced lawyers are usually well known by judges and other attorneys, this is a sign that they have a voice that will be heard and trusted. 


The focus of an attorney’s practice will make a significant difference in the outcome of your case. You will want someone that will give your case the time and importance it deserves, not someone that will settle with anything that allows them to move on to the next case. 


Your attorney’s reputation is crucial and essentially determines how quickly resolving your case is. If they have a good reputation, you can be sure that dealing with insurance companies and other lawyers will be no problem for them. 

Effective Divorce Lawyers ay Hashem Law Firm

Art Singleton: The Best Monticello Personal Injury Lawyer

Art Singleton: personal injury attorney in Arkansas, is a native of Monticello that joined Hashem Law Firm in 2016. He attended law school at William H. Bowen School of Law in Little Rock and earned his degree with honors.

As an associate attorney for the Hashem Law Firm, his practice covers a wide range of legal areas requiring counseled legal advice as well as devout representation in the courtroom. 

Mr. Singleton’s professional associations include the Arkansas Trial Lawyers Association, Arkansas Bar Association, and Southeast Arkansas Legal Institute, where he is president. 

If you are looking for the right lawyer, Art Singleton is the attorney you need. He is experienced, has an excellent reputation, and seeks your best interest. From personal injury to family law, and even medical malpractice, Mr. Singleton is here to help you.

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