Family Law Lawyer in Monticello, AR

We will help you in tough times like these.

No matter the reason for your divorce, you always need the right advice and help in this complex time of your life. Divorces are not easy and sometimes there are complications depending on the case.

Family law is usually based on rules, regulations, and procedures that involve family. It also has to do with legal relationships between family members, they usually include family members such as parents, kids, spouses, guardians, and more. 

Our family law lawyers in Hashem Law Firm help clients to file for child custody, visitation, divorce, child support, and other cases. 


Why Hashem Law Firm? 

Our lawyers have tried jury trials for over 30 years, in courtrooms all over Arkansas. They have earned a reputation of integrity and trust, which is why we should be your legal advisors for any case you want to file or you currently need help in. 

Hire A Family Law Lawyer

When you hire an experienced family law lawyer to handle your case, you will gain more benefits that can contribute to your case. A family law lawyer is needed in these types of cases so they can bring a fair solution for both parties. 

One of the main benefits that hiring a law lawyer can bring not only to your case but your life is financial security. You need to pay for the lawyers’ services but it’s more beneficial than having to represent yourself at court. When you don’t have a lawyer at court you may get unfair results such as paying more child support or not getting enough child support. 

Let Us Handle Your Case

The courtroom can be a scary place. Whether you’ve never been in a court or you feel as if you are running out of help, our lawyers in Hashem Law Firm won’t let you feel lost. You need the right lawyer that has experience in the courtroom.