4 Benefits of Hiring a Trial Lawyer for Your Case

For almost 35 years, Hani W. Hashem has been a Trial Lawyer. Both he and The Hashem Law Firm have been awarded the prestigious ranking of “AV Preeminent”, for 15 years, by the national legal publication, Martindale-Hubbell. Only @ 5% of lawyers nationwide achieve this ranking. Often referred to as the Gold Standard of legal ratings, the AV Preeminent ranking recognizes our Firm’s legal abilities and ethical standards, as determined by Judges and other lawyers throughout Arkansas.

Mr. Hashem has been selected by the Arkansas Supreme Court, to serve on both the influential Supreme Court Committee on Civil Jury Instructions and the Supreme Court Committee on Civil Practice.


Trial attorneys are very crucial professionals in dealing with any litigations. For example, if you are wondering what is the best thing to do if you have an accident, then hiring an auto accident attorney for such a case will be a brilliant idea. It can be very difficult for you to handle your own case putting in mind the procedures that are to be followed in issues dealing with litigations. Therefore it is advisable to seek services of a trial attorney so that he or she can tackle your case from the beginning to the end.


Collecting the evidence we will need to try your case in court will put you in the strongest possible negotiating position. It will also show the other side that you are prepared to go to court if necessary.


Having a trial attorney will be substantial because the expert has the full knowledge of the law hence he or she can be in a position to handle any litigation that you might be faced with. If you are not a trial attorney, it can be tricky to defend your own case because of lack of understanding of the different judiciary procedures.


In any court processes, there are different charges that are to be paid. Even in a case where you are declared innocent or guilty, there are charges that you will have to pay according to the judiciary regulations. Having a trial attorney will save you a lot because the attorney is in the know-how of all the costs and will do his or her best to avoid any unnecessary payments.


Since the trial attorneys have the knowledge of all court regulations and procedures, they will take the shortest time to handle any litigation that their clients will be having. The lawyers will know the anticipated results of any case that they handle.